Nicole’s Live Zoom Call !!!

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Nicole’s Live Zoom Call !!!



I (Neat With Nic) had the privilege of being invited to speak about getting organized and more importantly, staying organized. Everyone wants to be more organized, but then life happens. There are so many different organization systems out there that it is easy to get lost and overwhelmed in the endless options.


Being a Professional Organizer is something I am passionate about. It’s much more than pretty bins and labels. I work hands-on with our clients to help guide them in identifying what to keep, toss, donate, sell, or repurpose. Every client is different and every client has different needs based on their lifestyle, career, and goals. It’s important for my team and I to understand those differences and what brought my clients to the place where they needed a Professional Organizer. Based on that knowledge, we customize storage solutions that will fit seamlessly into their life, home, and/or office.  The system has to be seamless for it to work long-term. Transforming and redesigning space brings our clients the peace and efficiency they were seeking when they called us. 



We have worked with and organized just about everything.. from decluttering… to packing and unpacking… to building custom storage solutions… to implementing paper management systems… to establishing time management solutions… and most importantly, to restoring order and functionality in my client’s homes and offices. Thank you for inviting me to speak. It was a pleasure and look forward to our next.


This is my Zoom presentation for Mind Body Social and Downtown Doral. Hope it helps you get ORGANIZED!

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